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Motorbike Insurance

At Express Insurance services, we’re avid biking enthusiasts like you. We know that your bike needs specialist cover. And it’s that knowledge that has made us one of the UK’s established bike insurance policy providers.

It doesn’t matter whether you use your bike to commute to work, relax at the weekend or get into some serious off-road action – you’re guaranteed to get the right type of insurance with us.

By using Express Insurance Services, you’re getting access to some of the UK’s leading motorbike insurance providers. That means you get the right deal, just for you.

Do I Need To Insure My Motorbike?

In a word… yes.

The Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulations make it clear that you cannot keep a motorbike without insuring it – regardless of how frequently you’re planning on riding it.

So whatever bike you own, you should ensure you’re fully covered for the whole year.

There is only one exception to this: you can get a Statutory Off Road Notice by confirming to the DVLA your bike is a) being kept off the road and b) you have no intention of riding it.

How Motorbike Insurance Works

Generally, there are three levels of bike insurance available to riders in the UK – third party only, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive.

Before buying your cover, you should assess your circumstances to determine which policy level is right for you.

What Is Third Party Only Bike Insurance?

The minimum legal requirement for all bike riders is third party only insurance. It is the cheapest – and most basic – type of insurance on the market.

Third party cover does not provide you with any protection against personal injury or costs incurred to repair your bike.

But it does protect other people (third parties) from legal or medical costs incurred from an incident that wasn’t their fault.

What Is Third Party Fire and Theft Bike Insurance?

A third party fire and theft bike insurance policy is the next level up from a third party only policy.

These policies cover everything in a third party only policy, as well as any damages should your bike be stolen or be involved in a fire.

What Is Fully Comprehensive Bike Insurance?

If you want to get the highest level of insurance available, then a fully comprehensive policy is your best option.

However, expect to pay for it: fully comprehensive policies are more expensive than other levels of cover. That’s because they offer more comprehensive cover, including personal injury damages, repairs, legal, and medical costs – for both you and third parties – even if you caused the accident yourself.

Fully comprehensive policies also cover any costs caused by fire or theft. 

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